Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who looks bettah in this sweatah?

The Sistahoodz version of Will and Grace...

First we have Will Wheaton of Star Trek fame... In a very familiar and odd looking ugly sweater...

Seriously, Will? Could it look any louder? Especially against the carpet. Look in the panels of the completed coat for bits of this... see if you recognize what came from where?

And then if you scroll down just a wee bit... you will see Christina of Sistahoodz notoriety in one of the two sweaters that started it all... She knitted this, without a pattern, on a circular needle, took her six days. She is the Extruder as well as the Sourceress. She doesn't knit, she extrudes.

Handknit with angora on sleeves and pocket. Little rainbow flecks of tweed overall through the black.

And then... like magic... you take Will's ugly sweater, and Christina's gawjus one... and you morph 'em together and put it on the beautiful and intelligent Sistahoodz model, the Sourceress's daughter, Grace...

Grace has timeless and serene down to a science.

Now... who looks bettah in this sweatah?

For your own transformation, if you have sweaters, say from a loved one who's passed on or a tv series that is no longer in production or or or... and you would like something incredibly awesome made out of it... drop Sistahoodz a line.

The Sourceress and her Czarina coat at the 1 Billion Rising celebration on Feb. 14, 2013 on Saltspring Island, BC.

Morphing is my specialty!

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