Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sistahoodz offshoot - Kind Mind Small Scale Material Culture.

Taking the world of memes and applying my Bechdel filter to the plethora of ideas out there, seeking inspiration that allows my creations to make magic where there was none. Little rounds of inspiration that elicit a feeling of magic, faith, hope, love, these amulets speak in the language I want loved ones to speak to me with. They bring change to the viewer in the form of a shift of consciousness in that they show another way of moving in the world.

Kind Mind is created from our rich and wasteful culture's cast offs. I have been a textile artist all my life and have never said no when someone was discarding their sewing room unwanted stuff, after hauling that around through a couple of moves, one night I had a dream.

I often have recurring dreams that provide me with oracle messages. They usually repeat themselves for a few years as if I was hard headed or something, but this one didn't take too many repeats. By the time I'd relived that voice sounding like androgynous satin in my ears, telling me to solve my problems in the round, I looked at all the memes out there, at my stash of supplies I'd collected and been gifted over the years, and at my skill set when it comes to hand sewing, and it began.

I was pondering, at the time, a political art piece that would be a piggy bank shaped like an earth momma goddess. The coins to go in her slot were all to have the kinds of statements on them that men say to women in order to get them to acquiesce to their agenda. I had been drafting the plan for this rather angry political project for a couple of years and into about my 10th amulet, I realized that I was making an evolution of the coins... but I'd already surpassed the need to illustrate the obvious about our misogynist culture, and moved on to rewriting a script for the future that includes affirmative people, being the change they want to see in the world.

Hence, my messages are all meant to be reflections of my need for those conversations to affect a better script for humanity.

If you would like your own amulets, talk to me, 10 words or less, imagery, I can make up something perfect for you for a great deal. If you have a space in your business or market that could appreciate a Kind Mind showing, I would love to participate if you are in the lower Vancouver Island area.

Message me on my facebook page privately and we can discuss ways of bringing Kind Mind consciousness a wider exposure...

Here then, are this week's creations as well as a peek at the entire collection so far. Enjoy!

The Kind Mind Collection


Swarovski crystals are the stars in the sky and rosebuds circle the amulet.

Knit Fast, Die Warm - another rosebud framed talisman, this one for my knitters out there.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rebecca's Teal Celebration

 Every one of the Sistahoodz upcycled coats starts out the same way. A pile of excitement burns like an ember in the various hues and textures that congregate on my studio table and baskets.
 Then I play with the components until the skirt takes shape.

I collect witches as the image of strong women in my life and every creation has a traditional photo of Brunhilde overseeing the creations of my imagination. There are several witches throughout the studio, all there to do different tasks.
 Then I play with my luxurious collection of velvets and make an 8 strand, herringbone decorative belt for the back...
 Here, you see the sweater section laid out with the hood prior to assembly. The hood hangs to Rebecca's ankles but is designed to drape around her neck a few times to keep her from getting chest colds.
 The downside of  being on a disability is that there is no office... being officeless tends to make one gravitate with their tasks, to a picnic table by the sea side. (Note handmade birch spoon by sista Sarah el za Bear <3) (She's been a Sistahoodz sista from the getgo)
 First try to get the hem on and the heavier one was on the inside and it just didn't hang right. Back to the drawing board and another 40 feet of hem went on, hopefully right this time.
 All the pieces sewn together
 Here the TC spends a few days in contemplation as I line up and fine tune different bits. Its all together now.
 I have been told I need identifying information on the label so I made my own.
 A super stretchy waist has a super stretchy 8 strand braid affixed with a couple of complimentary funky old vintage buttons.
 The hood wouldn't be unique if it didn't have a little tassel on the end to double as a cat toy or fiddle finger entertainment for babies. The tube is hollow and can be used to stash a lighter and what have you with a simple knot on the bottom, the last place anyone would look.
 The neckline is designed to maximize one's assets in times of necessity.
 Two massive pockets flank the front, making sure your keys and cell phone are lost in the void foreva eva eva eva... (Or a lot of beach treasures!)

The sparkly tie belt is the last detail, she can tie it behind her like a little bustle or in the front to add to the razzle of her

 Rebecca loved it! Here's her beautiful photos. Still chilly in Etobicoke in May and she was cozy wozy.
 Brings out her eyes... that's cashmere around her perfect face.
Its my first curtsy from a collaborator of one of my creations!

Check out Sistahoodz on FB to find out more of my shenanigans!

Kind Mind in May 2016

Sistahoodz offshoot, Kind Mind Material Culture on the small scale is a down low micro artistic creation of the Sourceress, Christina, the mind at the helm of a dream that community (co-MOON-ity) can be built online to reinforce the script we want our future to roll from, instead of the one that the politicians are trying to hand to us.

These lovely amulets are the second trickle down of sweater scraps and odds n sods from the eclectic studio Chris calls The Sourcery, in Victoria, Canada, perched on the west coast by the stunning coastline.

Summer fast approaches and Kind Mind culture reflects this with the integration of lovely rosebuds on the amulets... taking the 3D to 4D as the heavenly smell that wafts off each bud lasts for months in a delightful, subtle magic of its own.

This May, there is a little dealio if you would like an amulet made for you, as well as one of the rosebud dreamcatchers, for a great offer. Find me on FB at the Kind Mind page and ask me about it. Such a DEAL!

A meme so nice, I made her twice!

This one was a creation out of my collaboration with the willing vic... er recipient of the Sassy Since Birth merit badge. I couldn't figure out how to get an octopus in there too so i gave you two wicked little butterflies.

See Sistahoods and in particular, the photo albums for the other projects this prolific maven has made. I am calling myself the human 3d printer... I made life 3x and now I play. <3

Monday, April 25, 2016

Brand New Badges from the Kind Mind Sourcery

Find us on Facebook at Kind Mind Material Culture...

Here are the latest commissions and new pieces.

 Here is a bit of news! This was created to celebrate a new cannabis lounge here in Victoria. I attended their grand opening and gifted one of the owners this badge I'd made that was chock full of intention in order to keep the wearer safe.

Two days later, I see the two women owners being interviewed for the local news TV station and guess what Ash was wearing on a lanyard (for Volcanos) around her neck... Yup... We got our fleeting moment of fame on Canadian television this week!

This is headed to cheer up one of my daughters as she struggles with the challenges of getting the hang of adulting...

Kind Mind Material Culture is a Sourceress undertaking and you can find out more about the bright minds behind that and other Sistahoodz interests on Facebook ...

I can do custom pieces within limits, leaving room for artistic license and am happy to collaborate. Intention is included free of charge as meditation during its creation is chock full of affirming prayers for the wearer.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Badges from the Sourcery

Sistahoodz online maven, Christina Budeweit has been working to create less waste in her upcycling textile artist's studio. Working with thrifted knits, the rockstar coats are some of the better known pieces that she has made but she is happy to be able to use the resulting smaller bits left over, into other retreasured offerings. Here is an example.

Taking memes off our technology and inserting them in real life, check out the badges she makes when she's not incorporating left over textiles into whimsical yoga cats and funny bunnies.

Its upcycling, its painting with the palette life gives you.

Any way you look at it, its inspirational. The timelessness of hand stitching, a vintage art in itself, the combination of many different mediums, mostly thrifted or rescued from the cultural waste stream, all combines to make little portable art delights.

Here is the second in the 'BPH Series' (Black Pointy Hat) commissioned by a sista who is a great jeweller in her own right. Honoured she would want some of my humble efforts...

One more ... a commish from NY state... Fig Leaves Pads is celebrating their 3rd year with a little memento she had me make for her.

What is your badge going to look like? Message me on FB!

 And this is how these commemorate special dates...

The Sistahoodz Sourceress herself, walking her talk...wearing the Czarinahood, custom made and cashmere.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Some Regal Sleeves for Regina Chillin with Sista Neila

I went to Uni with this amazing sista who is a creative force in her own right when she's not holdin' it all together. She's doing better these days and I am so thrilled that I was happy to throw a bunch of Sistahoodz love and creativity into every stitch.

She gave me the colour palette to play with for each set of sleeves and let me run with the ball. I love it when folks know what they want and I pick up on it.

How close was I, Neila?

In the post tomorrow...

The red sleeves have a secret. If you can guess, you may get that feature on future sleeves of your own... Shhh... don't tell, Neila!

Sourceress Creativity

My creativity is only reined in by my ability to access raw material. Never having been one to dally in 'fine art supplies', I have always been the one who looks at a pile of what others view as nothing, and then I reorganize a component of it, and VIOLA ICI, we have art/design/form meets function and something useful, unique and beautiful.

Here then, is an assortment of the different ways I get my art therapy fix on...

Walking beaches requires a meditation that keeps me upright as sand and the surf are an uneven surface to walk and my equilibrium is challenged on the best of days. By looking closely at the ground, I discover all manner of treasure in the form of sand eroded beach glass that I've learned has been called 'mermaid tears' . I combine this with different filaments/threads/strings and a combination of knitting/crocheting/knotting/macrame/needlepoint and beading to make novel necklaces for summer gifting.

 Give rosebud art a try this summer. Collect wild and domestic buds when they are just opening. They keep well in tupperware or a baggy if you add a damp bit of tissue and keep them out of direct sunlight til you can work with them. A long needle, thread and your creativity and you have a beautiful gift to share that lasts all year as well as smells marvelous. (Try one in the car)            

There was a t shirt that I bought the year my son was born (ask me the story of the power failure and c section by candlelight after a state-wide power failure during my labour) and I kept it for years. When he was an adult, I hated the thought of losing it and it was showing a lot of wear but the poster on the thinning shirt was so historic with the volcano erupting and the location of the t shirt's provider, the Anchorage House of Harley, was such a big part of my life in Alaska, back in the day, that I made it into embellishements on two shirts for him. 

Here you see the front of the tshirt's design, it even had the hospital Dan was born in...

And here is how I appliqued the back to a dress shirt. I used lots of random zig zag machine embroidery to affix it... whether or not  he ever wore it, I have to guess, but I am sure pleased with this way to recontemporize a treasured memory.

I enjoy bike riding and have made sure that my bike is distinctive which I suspect deters thievery. After losing my previous bike to theft, I took it upon myself to dress the new bike so it will never be mistaken as being unloved. Meet 'Comet'. I now have a little bag I keep in the front on the handlebars for my little canine ptsd companion, Maggie...

This was the first attempt at mounting something and was a hurried job combining my little backpack with a few bungee cords I keep in it and Maggie adjusted by curling up in a little ball with her head poked out. Her little ears flapping as the trail flew by, is one of my best memories of the summer.

My travels have me bringing all manner of minutiae home to do something with later. Here, I have incorporated beach stones, a couple of chips of blue glass mermaid tears and some waxed linen filament to make a component that was added to a collage quilt for a Victoria BC project last summer. My first Victoria Art Gallery informal installation!

How about some little tiny dragon mittens for that sweet child on your gift list? I crafted these for a friend's son who was fascinated with the creatures. No pattern, just whipped 'em up.

How about those stash buster projects that you always intend to get to? I enjoy winging designs with my stash busters and pick up thrifted yarn in my travels that allow me to create hostess gifts on the fly for the kind people who let me hang out with them while I pass through.

I also make a lot of upcycled knits but there are previous posts about those. These are just a few of the other things I like to create to keep my mind and spirit fed.

I will put the graphic arts I enjoy dabbling in on another blog of its own but here is a preview...

Leave a comment or come visit me at my Facebook address ... www.facebook.com/sistahoodz...

Or friend me... Christina Budeweit ... innovative Resourceress, at cher cervix.