Friday, March 18, 2016

Badges from the Sourcery

Sistahoodz online maven, Christina Budeweit has been working to create less waste in her upcycling textile artist's studio. Working with thrifted knits, the rockstar coats are some of the better known pieces that she has made but she is happy to be able to use the resulting smaller bits left over, into other retreasured offerings. Here is an example.

Taking memes off our technology and inserting them in real life, check out the badges she makes when she's not incorporating left over textiles into whimsical yoga cats and funny bunnies.

Its upcycling, its painting with the palette life gives you.

Any way you look at it, its inspirational. The timelessness of hand stitching, a vintage art in itself, the combination of many different mediums, mostly thrifted or rescued from the cultural waste stream, all combines to make little portable art delights.

Here is the second in the 'BPH Series' (Black Pointy Hat) commissioned by a sista who is a great jeweller in her own right. Honoured she would want some of my humble efforts...

One more ... a commish from NY state... Fig Leaves Pads is celebrating their 3rd year with a little memento she had me make for her.

What is your badge going to look like? Message me on FB!

 And this is how these commemorate special dates...

The Sistahoodz Sourceress herself, walking her talk...wearing the Czarinahood, custom made and cashmere.

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