Monday, January 11, 2016

The Evolution of the Sistahoodz Sweaterless Sleeve

 The Day Sistas

When I am not creating things, I like to create community or what I like to call co-MOON-ity, online with my cybertribe,  Sistahoodz, on  Facebook. The amazing people, mostly feminist based women, who are my peeps surround me with love and friendship that I find very healing, not just to me, but to many. I use the Sistahoodz page to show off my creations and from there, folks can show an interest and I made a few shekels which affords me my sweater habit. When I am not making coats, I make smaller items that more folks can access to be able to carry something with that non-muggle sistahoodz vibe. The most popular by far are my armwarmers. When I saw that there was a whole Pinterest section for legwarmers, it dawned on me that there would also be a whole section for armwarmers. This led me to a natch process of collecting a bunch of photos of past marathon sleeve sewing sessions, to share. 

Sleeves! Arm warmers. B.S deflectors. This is the common style, with a thumb hole at the end where the fancy schmancy section usually is. I must have made a thousand of them and I never get tired of it.

So here then, is a collection of photos that document my sleeve adventures...

Then I couldn't leave well enough alone and I began embellishing the sleeves with bits of precious gems/pearls and my little handcrocheted floral decorations...

This was a pair for an 8 year old girly girl. I think I nailed it.

These kick the sleeves up a notch and add $10 to the price.  I use semi precious stones, pearls, amber, buttons, you name it. The flowers themselves are created using all manner of fibre ... I have a LOT to choose from... Noone else will have anything remotely like YOURS.

Here is a  happy dozen... you get 13 for the price of 10, YOU can pick the colour basics and wether you want the style with the traditional tube and thumbhole or the elfen variety.  Feel the power. I'm at your command when it comes to handmade gifts and supporting your sistas.

Then you can see, I got a little tricky, and started to put together a sleeve that was more elfin. I am still thinking that these would be great in the festival circuit...

And then we have Sistahoodz fan mail, where the lucky recipients of my love on their arms send me photos wearing their Sistahoodz sleeves and armwarmers.

This has got to be my fave photo of all of my Sistahoodz albums.

 The Day Sistas
A photo so nice, I had to use it twice in the same article. Don't you just love the ingenuity of the composition? Those Day wimmen, I tellz ya. They haz the right stuffs.

Lets start pinning these shall we?

IF you are interested in commissioning me to make you some love for your arms, message me on facebook at Sistahoodz, or else email me on my gmail...

I believe my prices are comparative to anything out there, buy more than 4 pairs and you can get away with as little as $10 a set for the basic design... If you order a dozen by Oct. 31, you will receive 13 pairs in time to gift them at Winter Solstice, a great plan to take 12 small gifts off your giving list.Talk to me.

Live in the Victoria area and interested in learning the craft of upcycling? That's possible too! Just let a Sourceress know!