Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Sistahoodz Cybertribe of Facebook Pages


Sistahoodz is the Mothership page, the octopus in the middle, with all the tentacle pages reflecting our philosophies. 

Something Out Of Nothing or *SOON* - This is a showcase page for what Mr. Rogers called ‘Looking to the helpers’. To counter our popular commercial industrial media machine and its horrific portrayal of violent men and subservient women, this page posts things that counters that trope and makes space for the kind of men feminists raise and befriend, and the kind of women who succeed in the face of misogyny. Good ideas, novel thinking, solution based, non violent communication are the hearthstones of the SOON page. Its the most popular page in the Sistahoodz cybertribe with dozens of comments an hour keeping me engaged.

Freehugger - If you ever wanted a sofa fort to hide in with a colouring book and your crayons, this is the closest thing I could come up with online. Sistahoodz keeps this for when we are having our triggery days that seem grey and our belief in human nature is shaken. Bolster your soul with postings designed to reduce dis-ease, make you laugh, turn that frown upside down at the very least.

Sistas Beyond Motherhood - Many sistas chose to not be mothers, many are past the years of bearing and raising children. This is a quieter page with less postings but they are always relevant to thinking women and their allies who support empowered personal evolution as we transform in our lives.

Bmb - Belly of the Misogynist Beast is where Sistahoodz puts the dicey shite that our population of intelligent free thinking feminist readers needs to see, but only on their terms. After my therapist asked me why I read only feminist literature, ‘Doesn’t that trigger you?’ I had to admit ... IT DOES! So that led to, upon arriving home that day, starting a new page. Therapist of awesomeness says ‘Put down the struggle, you are out of the belly of the misogynist beast’ so it was natural when I got home, to create a page called Belly of the Misogynist Beast, where we could keep the general Sistahoodz page for the encouraging media and corral the difficult topics into somewhere we can go to investigate when we feel strong and grounded. 
Historical sidenote: The day SOON was born, was the day miscreants blew up the Boston Marathon, so my plans to use the acronym B.O.M.B. for the page didn’t seem like such a good idea. Dropping the O made us much less likely to get a visit from the Men in Black. 
Sourceress Christina - This is where I keep postings relating to how accurate they are in agreement with who and what I am. Its a quiet little page but its a vault for those meaningful posters that really encompass my reality.

Two secret groups, one for Sistahoodz, one for Crones round out the Sistahoodz family.  

Sistaverse gives us a safe place to say ‘WHAT THE HELL>>>>????’ among one another about life in general,  

Hagazon is a crone zone that lets the older wise women a place to be elders among ourselves. Ask for admission if you believe you found your flock. :)

Sistahoodz peeps come from around the world. Many are new, many come and go and a few core people have been with us since the 90s. (Say hi!)

I want to shout out to our diehard admins and cyber sistas who keep it up when I drop the ball, namely, Grace, my daughter, Zoe McGillis and  last but not least Erica Dickson and Kathleen Onhasey  The MOONWIT days would have not been possible without Susanna Eve's help and the CYP days required Sarah Ele Za-Bear and a few other sistas to keep things running smoothly, for which I am eternally grateful!

Locally, my demographic group for Saltspring Island BC. gives back by posting free goodies and raves. I hope others become more involved but its only a year old today. 

Maggie’s Salt Spring Island Free Stuff was created to give back to the community that was a valuable part of my diagnosis. Upon magically experiencing super synchronicity in getting my compassion companion canine, Maggie, (A YEAR AGO TODAY Feb 13, 2015) I decided to name a free page unique to the location after my new sidekick. 

The next year found me in more secure digs on the Big Island and I created Esquimalt Eco Peeps - Rants, Raves n Freebies. It’s for goodies I discover that I enjoy sharing. Every now and then free things come along or I feel like raving about living where I do and its fun to toss my local dogwalk photos in there now and then.
So welcome to my world.
Poke around. This is FACEBOOK being used to put a feminist sourceress's brain out where I can see it and to share what that means with our entire cybertribe. Feel da love. Its your cybertribe too. No leaders, no laws besides respect/integrity/love.
Building community is where its at. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Junebug's first magical raiment - A soft and protective light hooded blanket 100% upcycled content

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 I love diamonds... they're a girl's best friend... next to circles, that is... This little baby blanket is 100% upcycled content, hand crafted out of sweater bits and mad crochet skillz, in Victoria, BC, Canada by the Sourceress Christina herself... Another Sistahoodz creation soon to be gifted to a little girl born just a few weeks ago... Congratulations Lesley and Colin of the Omstead!
 Taking chunks of soft sweaters that are relatively lightweight, I first serged all the edges, then using a fine crochet hook, I created an edge with a chain /blanket stitch that I picked up to expand each square. Laid on the diagonal, the squares make lovely diamonds.

I topped it off with a little hood so that Junebug's little curls would be protected.
Maggie models how the little hood is so light you hardly know its on.

Being my supervisor is hard work and she also tells me that she is glad to see another Sistahoodz project head out the door.

Lesley and Colin are kind of adopted kids of mine and their having the first baby is very exciting! Closest thing to a Gramma I can get next to one of my own having one... which sort of happened in December.

But that's another  story...