Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sistahoodz Summer 2017

Resuming the Sistahoodz blog
Facebook in its wisdom, took this video down this evening. I don't understand why and they're not explaining. It was up all day, had scads of comments in the several locations it was posted and then *POOF*

So I persist.
Introducing the new and improved Sistahoodz blog, from whence all future postings to Faces of the book will come from.  (I love dangly participles, don't you?)
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This is a shirt / skirt/ ensemble design I am working on that utilizes lighter fabric for summer but still looks like you got it from somewhere cleverer than Walmart.  
Slow, local clothes. Upcycled, cool pockets, comfortable, easy care.

Dressing the alternative thinkers suits me.
Going to delve into summer dresses, cute, affordable shirts and a novel line of skirts/jumpers for men. Yeah, its time to go there. Clothes should be genderless and classic, comfortable as well as able to take what we throw at them.

I did this little humble vid in one take ... do not look at the bad bra, the funny crocs, the hair I didn't even look at. (who wants to come give me an undercut with the dog clippers?), look at the spirit, the joy and the efficient way this new top design fits a curvy girl.

Its a formula, it can be made up to 6x and down to size 0. I'm going to have heaps of fun with them.

And its got that super practical 'balcony pocket' at heart level. For the precious things you need to keep track of.