Monday, February 1, 2016

Junebug's first magical raiment - A soft and protective light hooded blanket 100% upcycled content

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 I love diamonds... they're a girl's best friend... next to circles, that is... This little baby blanket is 100% upcycled content, hand crafted out of sweater bits and mad crochet skillz, in Victoria, BC, Canada by the Sourceress Christina herself... Another Sistahoodz creation soon to be gifted to a little girl born just a few weeks ago... Congratulations Lesley and Colin of the Omstead!
 Taking chunks of soft sweaters that are relatively lightweight, I first serged all the edges, then using a fine crochet hook, I created an edge with a chain /blanket stitch that I picked up to expand each square. Laid on the diagonal, the squares make lovely diamonds.

I topped it off with a little hood so that Junebug's little curls would be protected.
Maggie models how the little hood is so light you hardly know its on.

Being my supervisor is hard work and she also tells me that she is glad to see another Sistahoodz project head out the door.

Lesley and Colin are kind of adopted kids of mine and their having the first baby is very exciting! Closest thing to a Gramma I can get next to one of my own having one... which sort of happened in December.

But that's another  story...

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