Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rebecca's Teal Celebration

 Every one of the Sistahoodz upcycled coats starts out the same way. A pile of excitement burns like an ember in the various hues and textures that congregate on my studio table and baskets.
 Then I play with the components until the skirt takes shape.

I collect witches as the image of strong women in my life and every creation has a traditional photo of Brunhilde overseeing the creations of my imagination. There are several witches throughout the studio, all there to do different tasks.
 Then I play with my luxurious collection of velvets and make an 8 strand, herringbone decorative belt for the back...
 Here, you see the sweater section laid out with the hood prior to assembly. The hood hangs to Rebecca's ankles but is designed to drape around her neck a few times to keep her from getting chest colds.
 The downside of  being on a disability is that there is no office... being officeless tends to make one gravitate with their tasks, to a picnic table by the sea side. (Note handmade birch spoon by sista Sarah el za Bear <3) (She's been a Sistahoodz sista from the getgo)
 First try to get the hem on and the heavier one was on the inside and it just didn't hang right. Back to the drawing board and another 40 feet of hem went on, hopefully right this time.
 All the pieces sewn together
 Here the TC spends a few days in contemplation as I line up and fine tune different bits. Its all together now.
 I have been told I need identifying information on the label so I made my own.
 A super stretchy waist has a super stretchy 8 strand braid affixed with a couple of complimentary funky old vintage buttons.
 The hood wouldn't be unique if it didn't have a little tassel on the end to double as a cat toy or fiddle finger entertainment for babies. The tube is hollow and can be used to stash a lighter and what have you with a simple knot on the bottom, the last place anyone would look.
 The neckline is designed to maximize one's assets in times of necessity.
 Two massive pockets flank the front, making sure your keys and cell phone are lost in the void foreva eva eva eva... (Or a lot of beach treasures!)

The sparkly tie belt is the last detail, she can tie it behind her like a little bustle or in the front to add to the razzle of her

 Rebecca loved it! Here's her beautiful photos. Still chilly in Etobicoke in May and she was cozy wozy.
 Brings out her eyes... that's cashmere around her perfect face.
Its my first curtsy from a collaborator of one of my creations!

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