Sunday, December 27, 2015

Catching Up with Four Years of Sistahoodz Shenanigans Part 1 - The Nola Hood

Gonna try to back track a little bit over the past while and bring up some of my endeavours in upcycling sweaters. Enjoy my little trip down memory lane.

Meet the Nolahood... 

The instructions were orange and black and that it be comfortable in the car and playing poker in the cold hall. This coat lives in Sechelt.

I like to do a harlequin design by repurposing sweaters and knits I either knit myself or from upcycled gear and then using quilting techniques to pull together new treasures. Given the mature body of the owner, it had to graze her hips and have give, move with her and not strangle her as she is naturally hot blooded. I took all this into consideration, designing Form meets Function. My fave yet.

Its not bad decorating a bare wall...

Comfortable, with a fit that creates an artistic silhoette, Nola's cardigan is a gold and black diamond crusted unique statement that lets folks know that she's got her lights on.

As it pulled together, it almost became a puzzle that sorted itself out as the developments progressed.

In grim winter, Nola snugs into her hooded cardie and knows that the light is returning. Hugged by what I made her, i hope it helps with  her challenges...

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