Saturday, January 7, 2012

The ChristinaHood - Channelling the Czarinas past

This sweater is a testament to the skills I have picked up over the years, embellishing on a format my mother taught me, of how to knit a cardigan on a single double ended needle. I started at the neck and made it up as I went down. Everything was done in 6 days. I wore the sweater for about 10 years and then it got a bit droopy. I didn't have the heart to toss it, who would? It had a huge hood, great sleeves, was long, full and had pockets lined in merino. But I never wore it and it wasn't until I discovered Katwise's beautiful pictures of the sweater coats she patches together and sells online, and built the initial Sistahoodz creation for my pal Shirley, that I knew what I was going to do with my big sweater.

I knew that to attend events where I might be promoting Sistahoodz, it wouldn't hurt to have  something uniquely Sistahoodish for myself. And the Christinahood was born.

I bravely whacked and patched, sewed and cut and sewed and cut and finally thought I had it. But then I got the idea that if this was good, more was better. I liked cuddly, so I deconstructed a lovely fake fur blanket that one of my lucky dumpster rescues had tossed my way, and viola... you now have the gorgeous coat that my beautiful daughter Grace is modelling in the rest of the photos.

A Czarina in a past life perhaps? Beautiful checks and soft fur frame her lovely, thoughtful face.

Masters could paint something that could try to duplicate this picture but I doubt they would come close to the energy that I get from this stunning contrast of sky and details... Here you can see the long hood, the pockets, the furry closures.

Sistahoodz, comin' atcha... Large and in charge....

You know you want one...

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Send me a message if you're interested in initiating a custom project of your own with Sistahoodz! I love it when you do.

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