Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Danihood - Swirly Coat has to start somewhere

Denim has always been an integral part of my fashion style so it was natural for me to play with blues, thinking along the lines of the Ralph Lauren sweater coats I'd seen on billboards in my Los Angeles, Sunset Blvd. lifetime long past.

This has the full spin ability. The hem is about 25 feet all around and if Grace hadn't been hobbling about on wet, uneven rocks in heeled boots in the gusty wind on the cliff's edge, risking life and limb, she would have been able to swirl to display its full potential.

Grace noted that the swing felt good. Dani slid into the coat just before Christmas, and the minute she looked at me, with her blue eyes reflecting the coat, we both knew who it belonged to. It was easy to say... well, that's yours now, isn't it?

She likes to wear it when she is on her mom's land on Galiano Island, walking the labyrinth or standing by the blazing campfire. She's pinned the hem so that she can keep it wrapped tighter around her at times.

Skookum big pockets allow lots of room for whatever you want to bring down to the Labyrinth or to keep you company as you sit by the heat of an outdoor fire in our misty, cool Pacific northwest.

Danihood - displayed as Art

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  1. WOW by far my favorite!! I really really love this one. It makes me wish I wasn't so darn short!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us <3