Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gracehood in gray

 What better model than the woman who had a vital role in its birth? When my daughter Grace came by for a precious and treasured overnighter, we thought about different things we could do. We could go out to eat... or we could go to see a movie. She lives on a little Gulf Island near Vancouver Island and they don't have big theaters there, but no, none of that seemed to be the ticket. Then we sat for a minute in the Deconfessional. And there, in the bins and baskets, a few odds and ends wound up in Grace's lap. A sleeve, some scraps... and before we knew it, we were cross-eyed, six hours later. We looked up, starving and in total amazement at the incredible jacket that we built then and there for Grace.

She scrabbled all over the rocky outcroppings on Mt. Prevost, a lovely park that is almost at my back door, and it just illustrated how this funky tunic/sweater/hood was versatile, moved fluidly, and followed all her curves.

It seems this is a fave. Hard to believe the pockets are the top of the sleeves that we took the torso of the bodice from.  Yup, they are.

Was so great to have my grown up daughter sitting at my side, cutting the shapes I would need next so that we could motor through from concept to manifestation in one sitting.

Every young woman needs a funky raver hoodie.

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