Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Crystalrainbowhood

Here we have an experiment in action. I was eager to see rainbow emerge from my fingertips so when I corralled the right progression of colours, I combined it with an assymetrical hood to discover what the pros and cons of a range of different hood options could be. It worked really well, especially if the wind is blowing from the right... LOL...

I also wanted to see what would happen if you just took the scissors to a work in process, whacked off a chunk, turned it 180 degrees, and sewed the whacked off chunk back on. Given that this is very stretchy textile, I had great luck with the give and take of it. I cackled for hours in the decon as I put this together. It was a pretty cool birth.

Then one day, Crystal arrived with about 20 sweaters as a down payment for the coat I will be making her. She has 40 sweaters to go but had hoped I could whip her sweater up in time for her to take it to a Cosmic Cowgirl Convention in San Fransisco later that week. I didn't think I could pull that off right away, but I did have this funky rainbow hoodie, and what better recipient than someone who works with the rainbow everytime she breathes? Crystal is an amazing artist and can  link herself to this article in the comments so that she can generate some hits on what she whips up in the cauldron of her creative juices. Crystals paintings and drum are incredibly powerful and beautiful. This is the perfect hoodie for someone needing to wipe their brushes on something... I can just see it in a few months... with the tell tale brush marks in a myriad of colours embellishing Crystal's Rainbowhood.

I think she looks pretty happy to have been in on the beginnings of Sistahoodz, don't you?

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Send me a message if you're interested in initiating a custom project of your own with Sistahoodz! I love it when you do.

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