Saturday, January 7, 2012

The First Luscious Red Riding Hood - A Motherhood - for Jackie

What started out as a pile of shreddings, melded and transformed by my hands into the beautiful, scarlet Motherhood ... and here is the lovely creation that Jackie ( my creation's forever owner) was making while I was making this...

Introducing Zander, the very first Sistahoodz baby.

Out of chaos comes order...

Jackie and the beautiful Zander. Madonna and Child.  Jackie will let me know who the photographer is so that we can give her credit too!

The concept of the red riding hood came from my Germanic roots. I really had a penchant for the whole idea of circles as I made the first few Sistahoodz, and thought that it would be really fun to make a poncholike cape... it gave me a chance to work with different thicknesses and to braid the deconned knit stuff. I got a few original ideas as I developed this design. I made a huge button and loop to decorate at the throat and hid pockets on the inside so that a busy momma could access her cell phone, her wallet, her keys.

As it took shape, I recalled the days of standing in a similar poncho when I had just given birth to my darling daughter Grace, in line at the Post Office, with her in a sling under the knit, smacking away thirstily until snickers among the rest of the line caused the old folks to start talking about it. I hoped that where this was going would also enjoy those lovely noises, feel the warmth of a little bundled body alongside momma's warm form.

At first this was going to be a sale, but I was only using three needles on the serger and halfway through discovered that to be fair, I should use both all four loopers on the serger to bind the cut knits to their best advantage, so I didn't feel right selling the beautiful garment any more.

But it was just before Yule, and I remembered how, while my babies were small and I was struggling, people stepped up out of nowhere and were so generous with me that I slept on it and woke up knowing what I had to do. Jackie, the woman who went gaga over this as it was being made, is the cousin of a dear friend of mine, Sarah. I knew what Sarah would want me to do. The natural progression was easy. I messaged Jackie on Facebook and let her know that I was gifting her with the Mothahood. Jackie has a baby bump as she is cooking up a little one, and is very excited about having the Mothahood for a photoshoot that will take lots of memorable shots of lovely lump.

The shape of circles is very resonant with me. I have been marvelling how I am so blessed to work with colours and curves and make these beautiful things that are being so well recieved by everyone.

Women's bodies have curves, and fashion / style have been negligent in attending to this reality. I think that if I keep curves in mind and dress women accordingly, in my Sistahoodz fashion, I will always come up with things that are flattering, counter culture, original and STUNNING.

O yeah.

Seaweed forests and the ruffle around the bottom emulate the same shimmering waves of shades, whatever the colours. I love how they are fluid for dance, for ritual, for celebration, for protection, for love, for seaside fun, for camping, for living life to its fullest.

Would I steer you wrong? Big Red Riding Hood wants to know...

Just ask Jackie and that lovely little ever changing collection of limbs/cells/organs/babybits that is growing under her Mothahood...

Here is the URL to Jackie's phenomenal photographer...  Carolyne MacDonald

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