Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nancy's Beachhood - for the East Coast dunes

Starting with those bleached shades of summer that look so good against the skin of those who have been out in the weather enjoying the beauties of nature. As this came together, I kept getting flashes of campfires at night on the beach, with the smoke blowing in your (Nancy's) eyes and how you used the hood to shield yourself from it, so that all the rest of the summer, the hood would smell like that fabulous day at the beach.

Making the sleeves snug yet feminine, so that you could see your lovely tan against the soft sandy tones.

All laid out like it is going to be packed up... heading to where? Some east coast destination awaits this creation, for an east coast goddess,  to wear to that beach barbecue at dusk... light breezes flickering the hem as she wraps it around tanned and sandy legs.

Nothing makes a tan look better than the white/bleached ruffles that flash near them. Undulating curves combine with the ruffles to dazzle anyone within 40 feet.

My goddessdom for a mannequin... but in the meantime, I get creative and use whatever means available to display completed art projects. The Beachhood is no exception.

Here is my alternate model, Dani, giving the Beachhood a twirl to show off her big secret... a yoga waisted skirt that slips on under it! Summer can't get much better... It's a top, its a skirt... its up to Nancy now. Happy Nancy... shielded with the protection of wind/smoke/fire, the divas of where the land meets the sea... She should be getting it before the end of January, 2012. More pictures to come as the Beachhood makes it to the final destination.

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