Sunday, January 8, 2012

2 Funky Muthahoods

When Denise came to me with her suggestion, I was pondering working with purples plus I had in my mind a triple goddess colour scheme that would utilize black, red and white tones in one hood. I had just done a hood with armholes that I doubted I would repeat and wanted to see how the hood would work as a cape that zipped up the front, with the same hidden pockets on the inside on either side of the zipper.

So when Denise put in her order and told me her colour choices, I was not surprised. She wanted one for her momma in shades of purple, and one for herself in the embellishments of the Triple G... well. 

It was pretty obvious what my next adventure would be. And as yule approached and the world bustled to the hectic 'holiday' preparation, I put my eye on the prize and took my concepts to creation with first the Ursula hood for Pat, after the lovely Octopus Goddess in Finding Nemo, and then to the Triple Goddess for Denise, the wonderful daughter who was gifting her momma with a custom made cloak of love.

 Denise and her momma, Pat have promised photos of them wearing their Hoodz, but they've been battling the bug and I know that as soon as they no longer look like death warmed over, their lovely visages will grace their blog spot as Muthahood mommas.

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