Sunday, January 8, 2012

Transmutation Hood

A dear friend recently suffered an unimaginable loss as her second child succumbed to cancer. In an effort to generate funds, the family ran an online auction and I got busy with a project that could add to the auction.

At the same time, personal issues arose in my own family as a distant member was found to be less than honourable, and that reverberated down the line, landing in my lap as one of my kids found fault in my every breath as a mean of explaining how it could happen. While I fielded this unpleasantry, I worked on learning what was important about the whole process of shielding oneself, of defining boundaries, of knowing when to stay to battle and when to not pour fuel on the fire.

I chose cool colours that would be distant from the hot flames of reds, I chose colours that spoke to me of peace and balance... and I wanted the outcome to be nurturing too, so soft to the touch wool blends were what I used for what touched the face, what brushed the hands for the wearer. As I worked to create beauty out of frustration, I felt myself transmute that negative energy into something positive and beautiful, all the while, learning how strong and wise I was becoming.

The auction is over now and the Transmutation Hood is on its way to her forever home. It will be interesting to find out who wound up with it. I wonder if we will ever know?

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