Sunday, January 8, 2012

AnnieHood, the Crow(ne)Hood for Ann

A recurring theme in Sistahoodz is that Ann is a name you will be hearing often. Wether its the patron saint that we dance to in the light of the full moon (Shirl's mom, Ann : See the first blog entry), or discussing my son in law's (son in love's) mother, who is another Ann.

Here Ann demonstrates how the end of the hood is actually a hollow tube, just large enough for a small cell phone, a lighter, a small flashlight, some keys, with a simple loose knot, it disappears out of sight with a flick of the wrist.

With hot flashes and hikes up vertical hills, the ability to loosen components of the set allowed Ann to let off steam as she needed to. Here the hood is loose and letting her cool off.

As Yule was approaching, I started to pull together projects and parcels for the various friends and family I would be seeing throughout the Festivus festivities. I was inspired to make a Cronehood for Ann as she takes early morning walks on her lovely Gulf Island, and she loves tones of oatmeal and teal, two colours I seemed to have in abundance in my every evolving sweater pile. 

As the colours pulled together, the project got more and more fun, and pretty soon, I made the swingy part of the poncho so wide, it would have had a 35 foot hem! I had to scale it back and calm the hell down.

As I created this one, I thought of my long friendship with Ann and how fortuitous that my son and hers played together many years ago when we lived in the same neighbourhood, and joked about my baby bump being a home grown wife for her son.

My baby bump and that son have been an item now for over two years.  As I pieced together the components, I thought of how interconnected we were in our fragile little community ecosystems... and I sewed and poured my heart into every seam, so that when Ann put on the lovely finished product, she would feel all that love and protection wrapped around her whenever she needed.

 I wanted the hood to keep the wind off her neck and the chill out of her bones.

Here is the author and creatrix of Sistahoodz taking a shot from her 'bad side', looking more to me like Tiny Tim than Tina Budeweit, but hey. We all have our hair days, for good or bad. I was all bolstered by the love that had been all around me for a couple of days.

And I leave you with a photo of our Yule altar  for 2011 before the shredding commenced.

We gathered at exchanged Festivus for the rest of us gifts, and when I asked her to pose in her new acquisition, what a fabulous model she turned out to be! Out she scooted, in the rain in her jammies, with the beautiful hood framing her bodacious curves.

And the irony is, she gifted me a poncho too. A lovely, slinky black knit poncho... and made me promise to wait at least a year before I took the scissors to it!

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