Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sophiahood - a forest toned Maidenhood/ Cloak of knowledge and protection

Here is the recipient of the Sophiahood, the wonderful, whimsical Sophia!

Spinning with energetic enthusiasm... she found what was in the hidden mystery pocket!

 This creation was a process that touched me deeply on many levels. An electric connection to the woman who commissioned this for her daughter was the first of several fortuitious synchronicities that colluded while I dreamed and created the Maidenhood for Sophia.

I combined all my knowledge of teen girls and way their bodies were blossoming, with the deep forest tones and soft, comfortable knits to give Sophia a portable shelter from whatever storms may cross her path.

The braid across her back is a multiple strand symbol for eternity and interconnectedness, so that she too can cocreate when she is wearing her Sophiahood.

Little details here and there are also very powerful symbolic energy spots, focusing the perimeters of the wearer with loving energy, encouraging the rebalancing of those who come into her energy field.

With a hood that doubles as a scarf and a snug zipper up the front, cold winter winds won't keep Sophia from enjoying making a statement as she wears her Hood to school. We await photos of her modelling it!

I wonder if she'll spot the hidden pocket easily or if she will need help to find the little token for her altar I left tucked in there?

The Sophiahood is winging its way across America as I type. I'm so excited to watch the next few days unfold so that I can hear all about the big reveal.


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  1. Wow, this is simply breathtaking! Christina,you've outdone yourself. I absolutely LOVE it...I need one <3