Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Pamhoodlette - a variation on the Sistahoodz theme

Witches do things in circles. Makes sense that a circle hat would be the most efficient, add to that a circle capelette that keeps the wind off your shoulders and its layering to the max made easy.

Armwarmers can accompany this in complementary tones and textures as well.

Not a full poncho, this comes to between the shoulders and the elbows... a delightful variation, don't you think?

Created with a very wise and wily lady in mind, I thought of her circles, our circles, our moving in the world, our circles linking and separating but always in circle with each other on some fringe concept... So this is the perfect garment... almost a wheel within a wheel a turning... something else the xtians borrowed from the pagan... We do things in circles... Yep... And I'm hoping that when we connect this with her forever home, we will have a reveal that shows the lovely Pam modelling her Hoodlette.

And maybe the spiffy armwarmers too... Maybe Tiffany would like a pair?

And here is the lovely Pamela... new mom to the Pamhoodlette!

You'd think she likes her new goodies or something...

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  1. LOVE it!! Everyone at work was oooohing and ahhhing! Wearable art my gyrl! Wearable art!