Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Pigeon/Phoenixhood, a separated hood and poncho set

Fire and Ice in one swinging design

Rebecca inspired this design by wanting flashing colours when moving, and quiet tones when still, almost camoflageish... and I took the inspiration from Rebecca, and the idea of cheerleading skirts, after watching Glee... and viola...

The overall look is subtle when standing still. There is a little bling in the hood to lure the eye upwards, but there is a promise of something novel when movement is applied to the garment.

Rebecca requested pigeon in the front and phoenix in the back and I do believe that I not only delivered, but I struck gold on a design detail that will kick a lot of what I make in the future up a notch. 

The whole thing about Katwise's inspiration that gets me beyond the fact that these reworked knit marvels are beautiful in their own right in a static position, but when movement is applied, as in dancing, they take on another life of their own.

The Pigeon / Phoenix hood is no exception, as it is designed to look one way still and another in movement. Its designed to show one palette from the front and another from behind as well.

My beautiful housemate has the model's body and graciously volunteered to show off the PP hoodz attributes to their best ability. Photos from Rebecca will show up here once she recieves the parcel that was sent just today.

Two hidden inside pockets for cell, keys, cash cards and whatnot complete the look. The poncho has a turtleneck neckline with the hood completely separate, allowing Rebecca to mix and match with other coats/hat sets.

Yeah. The pleated idea is a hit and I can't wait to apply it to other pieces of Sistahoodz art clothing in the future.

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