Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Sistahoodz Shrug

Part of the cosmic influence of my life, are my dreams. Its as if the images that come to me while I sleep are guided by otherworldly influences and this shrug is the result of the most profound dreams I have been having repeatedly. In my dreams I am told to solve my problems with circles. When I am challenged, turn my thinking around until I have a circular avenue of approach, and in doing so, I overcome the issue and solve the problems. In one dream, I was cycling (as I do in real life, a lot) and I had come to a huge hill that was sure to kill me, should I try to hit it head on. The dream showed me that if I went left instead of straight ahead, I was able to circumnavigate the hill without dealing with any exertion at all, and in no time, that obstacle was behind me and I was back on 'easy street'.

I apply these solutions to my designing Sistahoodz and the Shrug is one such outcome of this happy random way of applying the dreams to my day life.

Darling daughter Grace is a winsome modelwith the mostest for showing off all the varied ways that the Sistahoodz Shrug can be worn to its best advantage. A different way every time!

Dreaming up new and exciting ways to wear her Sistahoodz Shrug... like a butterfly unfurling her wings...

Just enough coverage to keep sun off shoulders and moskies off arms, it allows the main parts of the body to be exposed as required so as to not overheat as well as drawing the eyes of the beholder to the face when worn this way.

 Cozy and soft, the Shrug has a lot of versatile uses and can be balled up in the corner till needed again, ready in an instant to be put to work and look just as dazzling as when it was new.

Worn over tights or bare legs on a summer's evening, this is a skirt as quickly as it is a shawl.

You just need a bit of imagination and a delightful kilt pin to have fun with your shrug and wear it any way you wanna!

By making circles and then reconstructing them I am able to utilize even the smallest pieces of knit and the result is this gorgeous garment that can be worn in a variety of different ways. Around the hips, around the shoulders, as a scarf, as a shrug, as a tube top, as a baby blanket, a picnic blanket... or wall art... you choose! A simple kilt pin or sweater pin is all the closure you need to wear this a myriad of ways.

The shrug is a natural butterfly shape, also symbolizing the transformativeness of the caterpillar into something that is not only useful, but beautiful. This is the small version, presently on sale for half price at the reasonable cost of $55 plus shipping, and I can make one twice the size, for $95 plus shipping. (In the area of $15.)

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Send me a message if you're interested in initiating a custom project of your own with Sistahoodz! I love it when you do.

 Enjoy! I'm making toast in mine!

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  1. This is so neat. I have always been interested to know how this is done.