Thursday, July 5, 2012

Toni's Ruby Tuesday Hoodz

My most complex and detailed creation to date, the Ruby Tuesday hoodz is a lovely concoction of red and black with lots of scrumptious little surprises.

There is the heritage lace in the cuffs, white and wanton, so lush against tanned hands in the summer. The lacing at the back of the waist has a bit of black velvet tying it shut.

Sweet pockets make the Ruby Tuesday a practical bit of Sistahoodz luv to take to those festival events in the evening, with just enough room for the important things.

A nice wide belt accentuates the waist and gives the whole coat balance and a bit of structure.

Beautiful stitching on the hood matches the coat, although it is separate. The hood has a little alien tail at the end of its almost 5 foot length, a hollow opening for stashing festival party favours if one is so inclined. The hood also doubles as a great bag in a heartbeat, especially suited for your yoga mat!

Inside, black velvet reinforces the waist, and at the hem, spidery layers make for a spinning coat that will be as witchy as it is wonderful.

Toni will be providing a pic of herself in it, I'm hoping!

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