Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sistahoodz Emerald City Coat/dress

 This gorgeous conglomeration of light knits combines greens of all hues and puts them together in a swinging coat that zips up, has great stretch, shows off the girls to their best advantage and is just a fun festival coat for those cool evenings before the dancing starts.
 The full hem allows for spinning that shows the coat to its best advantage.
 Enough spinning for now, the model (my daughter Grace) is getting dizzier than she usually gets...
 Hanging out with your pals or just chillin with a groovy tree, this is one sweet counter culture item that stretches as you do with lots of groovy give.
 Long and graceful sleeves dust the knuckles, the dress zips closed and also has a nice tie at the waist as well as at the cleavage.
 Not hard to be happy when you're framed by the lushest counterculture gear to be had. Upcycling is the way to go if you're not one of the Wallyworld sheeple.
 Grace suggests that bodacious tah tahs would love this coat, for their ability to be showcased so luxuriously.

 This one of a kind bit of Sistahoodz luv is still available and is on sale for $250 which includes shipping anywhere in Canada or the US. Please venture over to Facebook and msg Christina Budeweit for our easy payment procedure.
Sistahoodz has a facebook page. Check it out.One way is to just click here: Another way if you're telling a friend,  just put Sistahoodz Clothing in the FB search field... and you're there... like me for lots of fun counterculture goodies as well as updates about the latest outrageous birthing from the Deconfessional.

Send me a message if you're interested in initiating a custom project of your own with Sistahoodz! I love it when you do.

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