Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Donyahood - Forest Elf Version

This is the latest of my creations, a green forest themed elf length Sistahoodz coat that spins and flows and keeps the wearer magically cozy.

Designed to be a sweater that will shake up the corporate workspace, while depicting all things noncorporate, the hood will enable access to the car in a downpour, the pockets for coffee break cash and a cell phone... and when they blast the air conditioning in November for no known reason, it will offer protection from the insanity that comes from head office running things.

The coat is full for a buxom figure, with a cashmere button front and flowing bell sleeves that flare and ruffle without being pretentious.

Never let it be said that the owner is stuffy or boring. This coat is a stunning example of outspoken originality and hutzpah and warns oncomers that whoever dares don it, is full of beans...

Sistahoodz has a facebook page. Check it out.One way is to just click here: Another way if you're telling a friend,  just put Sistahoodz Clothing in the FB search field... and you're there... like me for lots of fun counterculture goodies as well as updates about the latest outrageous birthing from the Deconfessional.

Send me a message if you're interested in initiating a custom project of your own with Sistahoodz! I love it when you do.

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